The Son Will Come Out Tomorrow

Something very relevant for me too. Important words!


It’s been awhile since I’ve created or posted any art and there’s a reason for that.  I ended a relationship with my beloved boyfriend of two years and I’ve just been coping.  When going through a breakup, parts of my world just sorta stop while others keep going as if nothing changed.  The goals I was working toward, like art, came to a halt but the yearning to move forward doesn’t skip a beat.   That determined part of myself had to realize that if it were ever going to move forward, feel inspired or just be happy, it needed to take a backseat and let my emotional self have front and center for a while.

My relationship was a good one; I won’t get into why it ended but God used that relationship to change me.  God knew I needed someone to take my hand and lead me out…

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