A Renewed and Reformed Baptist

“…I cannot agree with most of my Reformed counterparts that the Spirit has dramatically changed the way He acts…”

Bytes of Faith

This post comes at the end of a lot of struggle in both the cognitive and experimental parts of my faith, I do not feel that I am where I would like to be with having read the books I would like to read on this subject (William Tabernee’s “Imaginative History” Prophets and Gravestones would be a chief one) I find however a desire to fly my colours in a sense. I am both a Renewed and Reformed Baptist.

What do I mean? Both Renewed and Reformed should rightly not be thought of as end-goals in and of themselves but rather as with ecclesia semper reformanda est so too ecclesia semper renovar est. That is as we say that the Church should always be reforming, so too should it be in a continual state of renewal. The fount of our life as the Church should be God himself, as Paul…

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